University of Notre Dame: Mendoza College of Business
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AWS Partner Story: University of Notre Dame

Drew Firment
Drew Firment

“Cloud computing skills are in-demand in the workforce, and Notre Dame is providing our students a powerful advantage by offering cloud computing courses that prepare them for tomorrow’s business environment.”, said Professor Robert Easley, Department Chair of Information Technology at Notre Dame

About Notre Dame:  The University of Notre Dame is a private, non-profit Catholic research university located adjacent to South Bend, Indiana, in the United States. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in many areas of study, and is consistently recognized as one of the top universities in the world. The Mendoza College of Business Undergraduate Studies program provides students with the opportunity to gain an excellent business education built on the traditions of high achievement and values that form the foundation of the University of Notre Dame.

The Challenge: Preparing the Next Generation of IT Professionals

The Mendoza College of Business is a comprehensive full-time business school at the University of Notre Dame, with over 2,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  The university is focused on preparing their students for a business environment that is rapidly changing, and has first hand-experience with the opportunities that Amazon Web Services (AWS) affords to both their students and staff. The university has migrated its website to AWS, and plans to move 80% of its workloads in the next three years—and is already saving 40% annually on IT operations.

As more and more organizations transition away from legacy data centers and adopt cloud computing, the demand for these skills will continue to increase.. To meet the demand, the next generation of IT and business professionals need a curriculum that incorporates cloud-related education and resources to accelerate their learning.  Without an investment in cloud computing education, colleges and universities are potentially limiting the internships and job opportunities available to their students.

One of the main challenges for teaching cloud computing courses at universities is keeping pace with the rapid rate of change.  In the short four-year span of an undergraduate student from 2012 – 2016,  AWS released almost 4,000 new features and products.  The breadth and depth of cloud computing compounds the issue, with a range of possible topics from architecture, to operations, to data management and security.

Due to these challenges, many universities still do not offer courses on cloud  computing—despite the growing need for these skills in the workforce.

The Process: Cloud Computing Education at Notre Dame 

“Cloud computing skills are in-demand in the workforce, and Notre Dame is providing our students an powerful advantage by offering cloud computing courses that prepare them for tomorrow’s business environment.”, said Professor Robert Easley, Department Chair of Information Technology at Notre Dame.

  1. Self-Directed Training. Notre Dame partnered with the expertise of A Cloud Guru to support their cloud computing course for the Mendoza College of Business. A Cloud Guru provides the Notre Dame classroom with full-access to cloud training and AWS certification courses,.  The training gives the students at Notre Dame access to up-to-date training material, use-case scenarios, and opportunities for hands-on experience with AWS Services. 
  2. In-Classroom Learning. At Notre Dame, students meet in the classroom twice-a-week to review the material.  The Systems Architecture course is divided into multiple sections that cover modern enterprise cloud computing architecture including compute, storage, database, and security.  The in-classroom discussions is facilitated by adjunct faculty with industry expertise, and focuses on current trends with opportunities to explore the social and legal implications of cloud computing.
  3. AWS Certifications. By the end of the semester, each student is well-prepared for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, with a solid foundation to pursue the more advanced AWS Solutions Architect associate-level certification. With the high demand for cloud computing skills in the marketplace, the AWS certifications provide students the opportunity to standout amongst potential employees seeking to find cloud professionals.

Notre Dame Students

The Result: The Workforce of Tomorrow 

Since declaring the cloud-first initiative at the University of Notre Dame with the goal of moving 80% of their workloads to AWS, the students are also benefiting from the university’s digital transformation.

“My students are fast becoming experts in a broad range of AWS services, with a solid understanding of key architectural concepts specific to cloud computing.  The skills they are learning from A Cloud Guru are reinforced in the classroom with real-world use cases and example.,” said Josh von Schaumburg, Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and Customer Solutions Lead at Trek10.  “These are marketable skills which they can talk about when interviewing for a position.”

Notre Dame is now investing in a cloud computing curriculum which creates opportunities for their students to learn advanced cloud computing skills, and earn a valuable certification that is valued by potential employers along the way.

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Our cloud-based technology learning platform provides a comprehensive, up-to-date library of cloud education offerings for all skill levels, including certification courses, skills assessments, hands-on labs, a set of weekly technology-news series by industry experts, and management dashboards that track student progress.  A Cloud Guru is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, and is available directly from the AWS Marketplace.

A Cloud Guru’s state-of-the-art learning management platform is developed by our in-house cloud engineers and powered by serverless — a technology that enables our content to effectively scale to more than 600,00 students in over 160 countries. Through our platform, we provide both businesses and individuals with the ability to stay current, stay relevant, and deliver results with cloud computing.

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