The critical importance of creating a cloud culture
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The Critical Importance of Creating a Cloud Culture

Drew Firment
Drew Firment

Whether you’re just embarking on taking your company to the cloud or you’ve been slogging down the path for awhile now, I’m sure you’ve learned that the journey to cloud adoption isn’t simple. You can’t call an Uber. There’s no easy button. Migrating workloads to the cloud is challenging and complex. The full-scale adoption of any cloud platform demands equal parts strategic fortitude, engineering rigor, and cultural transformation. A sense of humor really helps, too.

As if the journey isn’t daunting enough, technology is changing faster than a company’s ability to acquire and master new skills. Since 2012, Amazon Web Services has released over 4,000 new products and features – and the rate of change is accelerating. As the technologies behind cloud computing evolve at a breakneck pace, businesses are under ever-increasing pressure to keep up and stay relevant.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Many businesses underestimate the commitment to meaningful transformation that’s needed to adopt the cloud. Just consider skills transformation. Cloud adoption requires cloud professionals, yet just as companies need these pros the most, they find themselves facing a significant shortage of cloud talent.

In order to “cloud up”, you’re going to have to wade into a hyper-competitive labor market, identify and upskill internal talent, or both.

“Everyone you need to move forward with the cloud is already there, you just have to enable them.” — Stephen Orban, Head of Enterprise Strategy at AWS

The most important part of your organization’s move to the cloud is bringing your talent along for the journey. With cloud skills in super high demand, hiring externally just is not feasible at scale, and successful companies are focusing internally. Such a dramatic transformation requires thoughtful consideration and investments to effectively train and mobilize a cloud-fluent workforce.

The key to cloud transformation is talent transformation. Enabling cloud fluency across your entire organization and establishing a common language among a critical mass – these are foundational to your success. This is where cloud culture comes in.

Cloud is a culture. A way of thinking, planning, and executing that’s different from what came before. And cloud platform certifications are the common language of that culture. Establishing a culture is no easy thing. The effort and investment required is significant. The transition is difficult, but if you can get enough people on the same page, and speaking the same language, it is doable.

In our webinar, I will discuss:

  • What cloud culture means to today’s enterprise organizations
  • The importance of achieving critical mass
  • How enterprises are creating cloud cultures to successfully transition to the cloud
  • …and how they are doing it with the talent they already have

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